All Risks Covered in Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy

Published: 29th October 2010
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We get car insurance, partly simply because it is necessary by law and partly for the reason we will be paid for if in case there is any damage to our vehicle.

To figure out things far better, we should know the various sorts of possibility which are included in a car insurance policy, much more particularly for private car insurance policies.

The insurance company will pay out for damage caused by the following:

  1. Loss or damage incurred by fire, explosion, lightning

  2. Loss or damage caused by theft either your car itself is stolen or say some part of the car gets stolen

  3. Damage caused by riots or strikes

  4. Loss or damage caused by earthquakes, floods, typhoons etc

  5. Loss or damage caused by accidental external means

  6. Any kind of loss or damage incurred by a terrorist activity

  7. Any loss or damage caused due to a malicious activity

  8. Loss or damage caused by landslip

  9. Damage caused while the car is in transit by road, rail, air or waterway

Great number of the claims happen in point 5 Loss or Damage incurred because of Accidental External Means. This would include road accidents as well as damage caused at the time when your vehicle was parked and you found it damaged on returning.

In exceptional instances, like what happened in the Mumbai rains of 2005, a massive number of cars got damaged as a result of heavy rain. The insurance companies would have had to bear large charges as result of such natural calamities. Most of the above-mentioned occurrences are rare but the financial loss arising out of such accidents can be immense. Thats where acquiring the best car insurance policy matters the most.

In effect, if you go through the list above, almost each and every risks associated with your car would be covered, leaving nothing to chance. So make sure that you buy a comprehensive car insurance policy to get rid of all risks. Furthermore, by paying a small premium, you can get-take advantage of several interesting add-ons to your normal car insurance policy. It may be valuable to check out the features of these add-ons which vary from company to company. allows you to compare insurance plans for all types of auto and car insurance in India. Get cheap car insurance and save money.

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